R.I.P. Article Marketers
R.I.P. Article Marketers
Well, it is. Kind of. You see, some SEO via article marketing used to be an out and out miracle. Bringing your website thousands of awesome backlinks, all with the anchor text you designed yourself.

But Google got hip to it and changed the playing field. How so? They didn’t penalize your article, they just decided to give you credit for the first place they find your link, discounting the rest after that. So you can submit your article to ten thousand article directories and you’re still going to get credit for exactly one link.

It’s why blogging, coupled with the necessary social networking and bookmarking, has become absolutely necessary to compete in the search engine result pages. It’s one of the few ways to build that natural backlinking structure your site needs to perform.

It’s all about the content boys and girls. Content that’s original to your site, and added at regular intervals…

Sounds like a job for us! 🙂

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