Can blogging twice a day actually hurt your site? I got this question a few times, and figured I should answer it. It’s a good question. It is a yes and no answer. Here’s why:

In general, the more fresh hot content you put on your site and out on the web, the more traffic you have, the higher you rise in the search engines. Makes sense right? Doing so normally looks natural to search engines and therefor does not raise any problems.

The problem lies in WHAT is in those blog posts. Some people try to get as much traffic as possible right away, and figure they do that by shoving as much keywords and links into each blog posts as they possible can. This is a big no no. It raises red flags to Google and others. It doesn’t look natural; in fact, it looks like the dreaded S word: SPAM.

So how do you go about putting links and keywords in your articles/blog posts? Slowly, that’s how.

When we do our Pro Blogger, we write the content twice daily just as proposed, but we advise not posting ANY links at first. We wait about 7 days until Google has indexed the blog and blog posts first. Then and only then, can you add your links (spammy or not). Don’t forget your anchor texts either.

As for keywords, I generally stick to having the keyword in the Title, the first paragraph, somewhere in the middle, and maybe at the end, generally with the last keyword being anchor text (link).  But again, dont link them until after they are indexed by GOogle.

This is how I do my Social Media Marketing as well. Wait until the blog and blog posts are indexed, then fire away with promotions.

2 Responses to “Can Blogging Twice a Day Actually Hurt You?”

  1. Jack S,

    How would one know when the goog bots have indexed the blogs

  2. Blogger,

    The easiest way is to do a google search for “site:[url]”
    so for example, for this site you would do a google search: site:
    if it shows up, the site has been indexed. The same techniques can be applied to check each blog post.

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