ghostwritersYup, some of our clients want us to keep the fact that we are their blog writers a total secret. Surprise, surprise! 🙂

Seriously though, it should not come as a surprise to most business owners. Because it’s likely that your company does not specialize in website maintenance, content writing, blogging, etc. Of course it’s no shock that many companies turn to a professional blogging company such as ours to manage their blog for them.

That may be the case with your company as well. You may want to hire a blogging company but you may also have concerns about how this might impact your appearance to the public at large. Here’s where the NDA, or Non Disclosure Agreement comes into play. In order to protect internal company secrets, or maybe just the fact that we are managing your blog for you, you may require a NDA contract in order to use our services.

This too is pretty common procedure. In fact, over 75% of our clients prefer to keep the fact that we are their ghost writers under wraps. So don’t think you and your company are asking for anything out of the ordinary. We can and do provide you with the appropriate paperwork if necessary.

Understand, we are a professional blog writing company, here to serve you. Our clients. We do the writing, you get the glory. 🙂

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