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Let’s get straight to the point. You KNOW blogging is important for your internet presence, and you really want to write a blog post every day or every other day or anything, but you just cannot find the time! That is because you are too busy actually running your business.

So you can go to Craislist or, and try to find a writer to write content on your blog for you, take the days or weeks weeding out the bad applicants, taking time out of the day to interview the good ones, and on and on. You don’t have the time for that either! You also realize paying someone a salary for this is just too expensive.. no matter how important your business’s internet presence is. You can hire freelancers but the average cost for a daily blog writer, you are looking at at least $5 per post, more like $15 or even up to $100 per post for an American writer! So you are looking at $450+ for professional writing.


I introduce…The Insanely Cheap Affordable Blogging or The ICAB (not to be confused with Apple). Daily blogging for only $30. That is $1 per blog post! How is this possible? Did I mention it is all English content by US Writers? Keep reading…

Well first, let us understand that blog content, as long as it is relating to your business or niche, will look great to google. It will get your site to be indexed more frequently and in turn will get you more traffic and get you higher in the Search Engines. Google does not care if Josh or Sally wrote the content. But you do care about people (maybe clients) that read your content, and you want it to make sense! You want it to be English and not clearly from an someone overseas. So this is important.

The ICAB is exactly what your business wants and needs. Affordable and Cheap Daily Blog Content, in English by English Writers. The magic is in the set up