WhoSome companies opt to hire the cheapest content provider they can find, in the sake of saving a few pennies. This I can understand. As a business owner, I know exactly what it’s like to want to cut corners at every turn, preserving that precious bottom line. But I also know another thing or two. Like getting what you paid for….

Sound familiar? I know that sometimes cheap does not equal good. So the fact that you can find writers that will put content in your site for a super bargain doesn’t mean that you necessarily should.

Let me run this by you. See if you can relate…

You see, not every value blogging service hires writers from the United States. Often, these writers are offshore, in India, Pakistan, Eastern Europe, etc. It’s the reason they are willing to work for pennies on the dollar. Their economies allow them to work at a cut rate. But understand, English is not the primary language in these countries, so your writer often does not have a full grasp of the language. Resulting in choppy blog posts that read poorly.

I know you’ve seen these types of blog posts floating around out there. They are blatantly obvious. And if you can find them easily, imagine what your clients think when they are reading your company blog if you should contract them.

It’s important because your blog is more than just a search engine optimization tool. It’s also a medium to speak directly with your clients and potential clients. If you don’t speak their language they probably won’t buy from you. Which is the goal, right?

Making your content count is what matters. To do that, you need to hire a professional writer, one that knows how to write for both the search engines and customers.

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