spam-blogIf you ask most website owners what their blog should be about, many will tell you that it should always be about products and services they sell. But I’m here to tell those people that they are wrong. Not every post in a business blog should be written to sell something. Because if they are, the blog is going to read spammy.

What I mean by this is that your blog will not seem very valuable to the reader. If they feel that you are only after one thing, the kill (or the sale) then they might shy away from your site completely. Exactly the opposite reaction that you wanted, right?

Why not offer them some content that’s actually useful?

You can even go so far as to tell them how you get things done in your company. Without giving up actual trade secrets, you can go into great detail about how your company gets things done every day. This accomplishes a couple of things. It tells your readers that you go the extra mile, plus it gives you many more topics to cover that pertain to your industry. Voila, more keywords and phrases for new potential clients to find you in those search engine result pages.

So don’t get caught in the spam blog trap. Provide your customers with a resource and you’ll be rewarded.

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