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OK, down to business, today’s post…..

What I want to talk about today is, well, talking. Talking to your readers, rather than AT them. I know we’ve covered this before, but it bears covering again, because it’s important.

I talk to a ton of people each day. New clients that need content for an array of different types of blogs. Most of them are for companies wanting to create a relationship with their customers, or would be customers.

Yesterday a potential client mentioned that he didn’t want ANY slang used in his blog’s content, and that it must be of the highest standards in regard to grammar. Now of course we want to provide quality in our content, which includes proper punctuation and grammar. Let me say that here. But we also want to provide a dialogue with the reader.

Let me explain.

Have you ever read something so dry that you were on the verge of falling asleep from reading it? Have you ever been to a website that contained content that felt the same way?

I surely have. Quite frankly, I don’t want to visit these types of sites because they bore me.

Nope. I want to visit sites that talk to me. So do most people online if you ask them. They want to relate to the content in front of them, not feel like they have somehow returned to a college English Lit class.

So we train our writers to write the content that way. Don’t get me wrong, we do write very technical blogs that require a higher degree of writing at times, but for the most part, we write blogs designed to sell products and services.

I guess my point is this. It’s ok to add a little slang from time to time if you ask me. It’s ok to talk to your readers and let them know you’re human. If you are selling shoes, sell them. People want to buy shoes from a shoe person, not a Harvard professor. If you talk to them, rather than at them, they might just buy your product.

Quality blogging is an art.

And I like to think of our writers as artists. 🙂

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  1. Philip M.,

    Definitely a funny story. What do they meant by “slang” anyway? Unless their products are briefcases…oh well. If web content writers are artists and quality blogging is definitely an art, no form of censorship could hinder them. Thanks for sharing such a nice post!

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