blog articleSome bloggers refuse to see it this way, but that is what most blog posts really boil down to. Articles that is. Writing a blog everyday is sort of like keeping up an ezine. The content you put into it is an article.

But you really need to consider making it more than just an article. Because an article can start to look like a sales page really quickly. Especially if it’s a blog article for a business blog. Because most business bloggers tend to quickly move into a sales pitch when writing a service related article. Pointing out how great a particular service or product is, often resulting in a blog article that resembles a high pressure sales pitch.

Don’t forget one thing though when writing your blog posts. That is that there are readers on the other end of your blog. Real readers that want to be talked with, not AT. Get my drift? A blog, especially a business blog, is about creating a relationship. Starting out you simple want to connect with the reader. So your blog article needs to talk to them rather than scream at them. If they can relate to what you are saying you might just stand a chance. They might just take the process a step further and become a client or customer.

But 9 times out of 10 they’ll only come this far if they trust you. To trust you, they need to connect with you. If they are reading your blog, you need to talk to them to make that connection.

So write your blog articles accordingly. Or, you could simply hire us to write them for you…. 🙂

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