A blog is essentially a website where one can share information, discuss on a variety of topics etc. It is a platform to connect to people across the globe. Blogging has become the new age mantra and also people can socialize by registering in a blog. A blog is a website that maintains ongoing chronicle information. There are many different kinds of blogs like personal blog where the creator is the person who manages the blog and can share personal experiences and information. In these personal blogs people are free to discuss any topic from music to politics, sports, entertainment, business etc. There are business related blogs like wordpress which are being used by realtors, lawyers and other professionals are using to share their expertise and the companies have discovered the power of these blogs that will help them to closely relate to customers.

With the revolution in the web culture came the new generation web 2.0. The technologies of this web 2.0 was what lead the platform for these blogs. There are also very generic blogs that discuss everything from politics, family, business and technology. There are also known as Scraper blogs that take content from other blogs and re-publish it without permission. There are also automated blogs that are generated by computers that re-publish press releases, marketing material etc. These blogs are very helpful in business since they reach out to a lot of people and bring in more customers. You can get a chain of customers with these blogs since they reach out to all kinds of people. Blog management is a subject of great importance since there are many people who are earning a living out of it. Blog posting is one way to increase the ranking on the Internet. The more the number of posts on a blog then the more traffic it gets and hence will be ranked higher. Many people have their own blogs today and are doing some real good business. By having more people register in your blog, you will get more back links to your website and hence your ranking will improve. The more the number of back links ,the higher you will rank. Blog posting itself has set out to be a hot job profile and there are many people who have made a career out of it. Blog owners hire professional bloggers so their blog is ranked high, and they are ready to pay a good sum for it.

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