A blog is a website where people can discuss and share a lot of things on varied topics. It is a platform where you can socialize and at the same time know a lot of things from other people. It may be their experiences or subjects related to their specialization. A Blog is maintained and managed by the owner who is essentially the creator of it. Blogs are of many types. There are personal blogs where people share their experiences, likes and dislikes etc. In these personal blogs people are free to discuss any topic from music to politics, sports, entertainment, business etc.

Also there are specific blogs on music, art, business, health etc. Foundations, charities and human rights groups find blogs to be the greatest tools to raise awareness and money for their causes. People who would like to share knowledge on any one particular area of interest can participate in these specific blogs. Blogging is one of the SEO techniques. There are many professional bloggers who constantly post on these blogs to improve their rankings. The more the number of posts in a blog, the higher your website will be ranked.

With the revolution in the web culture Web 2.0, has many technologies that support this blogging. WordPress is a business related that is being used by many realtors, lawyers, doctors and other professionals. There are also known as Scraper blogs that take content from other blogs and re-publish it without permission.

Blogs are very helpful because they reach out to a lot of people and this way , can find more customers. All you have to do , to be able to participate in these blogs is sign up with a username and password. A blog has several communities that are very specific to certain subjects. There are communities that are only technical like e-marketing, Affiliate marketing, website design, programming languages etc. Also there are communities related to daily life, movies, sports, current affairs etc.

So in blogging you are spoilt for choice and need not stick on to just one particular subject. If you are tired of posting on one community you can always do on other communities. By having more people register in your blog, you will have more back inks to your site and you will rank high. Starting your own blog is easy, but having people register in your blog takes some efforts from you and you have to do a lot of research before you can start one.

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