keyword-stuffing-turkeyNope, it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but today we are going to talk about stuffing. Keyword stuffing that is.

Because there are companies out there using search engine optimization techniques that haven’t worked for a very long time. These same companies are telling website owners that all they have to do to rank better is load their pages full of their desired keywords. Using fancy terms like “density percentages” and “on page” optimization.

Let me repeat, the search engine gods were hip to this a long time ago. Years ago. They have moved on to much more complicated algorithms. Which I won’t go into at this time. What I will say is that your website and blog pages are not a wish list. Loading your pages with the keywords and phrases you want to rank for is not going to accomplish your goals.

So what will accomplish those goals? It’s simple really. You don’t have to worry yourself in regard to what the search engine spiders are and aren’t looking for. What you need to worry about is one thing, and one thing only. That one this is writing quality content for your readers. If you do that, everything will fall into place, naturally.

Understand, the search engines are extremely good at what they do. They are working night and day to pull the best quality content to the top of the results pages. So let’s allow them to do their job. And let’s provide them with a website or blog that contains that top notch content. So that in the end, we own the website that comes up in those top results.

Yes, there are other parts of our service that make your content outperform your competitors, such as how the content is written and of course the social bookmarking aspect. But really it all comes down to the content itself. If we write remarkable content, you end up with a remarkable blog. Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest of the engines reward quality, each in their own way. But if you provide the best, you’ll end up being the best.

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