Greetings from BlogContentWriter and friends. will be undergoing a few changes, but nothing to worry. All blogging and bloggers stay the same, our prices are the same, and our friendly service can only go up and improve.

One of our changes are we will be introducing a new Twitter Management Package. What this will entail is mainly targeted towards our clients that get blogging form us. But anyone can order this package.

With our Twitter Management Package, we will:

  • Set up your Twitter Account
  • Customize it to how you want (during initial setup)
  • Gather at least 100 TARGETED followers (most valuable part)
  • Tweet your daily blog posts*

This package will retail for $100, but there can be customizations to meet your needs.

This is a great deal and we are starting this with an introductory price. This price will not last forever, as we have gotten lots of interest and suggestions to do this. This entire process is manual, no scripts or bots anywhere. *Tweeting your daily blog posts is based on if you are, or are becoming, a blogging client and order this package.

Now you can add this into our overall social media marketing package, to custom suit your needs.

Contact us for a more customized twitter management or full social media package, such as more followers, or a custom designed twitter account.

Good luck and happy blogging!

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