quality-scaleBlogging, for the most part, should be a regular thing for your company website. How you define regular is going to be up to you, your budget, and vary greatly because of different overall goals. But for the most part, we usually suggest you post to your business blog at least once a day, if possible.

But, as you may have noticed, this blog is not updated every day, nor is every blog our company owns. This is due to time constraints, staffing issues, and client priority. In other words, we are too busy writing our clients blogs to worry about keeping up with our own as we should.

It’s o.k. Because we don’t always post every day to client blogs either. Not every client can afford the daily posting plan, so some of them opt for our smaller plans. We have a three times a week plan, a two posts per week plan, and a once a week plan for smaller companies still wanting to take advantage of what blogging can do for their online presence and overall internet exposure.

It is all about the quality. Though you will do far better if you post more often (we have clients that require us to post to their blogs four times daily….), it’s not completely necessary to benefit from our services. A quality blog post can go a long way. Add to that the fact that your content is still being added at a regular interval, and you’ll see how you can still knock out your competition. Especially if they are not working on their content at all.

So give us a call or shoot us an email and let us go over your business blogging plans. We have one that is right for you and your company.

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