UniqueAre you confused yet? 🙂

Writing the right content can be tougher than you think. Because every site has different goals and different definitions of what a conversion might be. But it all does boil down to the same thing.

How do I add the correct content to my website or blog so that I get in front of my demographic? How do I get into those search engine result pages for the terms relevant to what my site has to offer?

You might think that you can just write a bunch of nonsense every day, loading the blog post with the keywords you desire. Understand, your blog is not Santa’s wishlist, and you don’t just get to load up a keyword list. That won’t bring you the results you want. Because Google and the other search engines are much smarter than we give credit for. They are no longer just looking for the keywords and phrases, no sir. They have very specific algorithms that can determine if your content is actually of value to your readers.

So what can you do?

It’s pretty simple. You need to add content that is going to be of value to the readers you want to get in front of. Your target market if you will. To do that, you need to know who that market is. Odds are, you already do. But make sure you are putting your content together correctly.

Start with the resource basis. If your content is of value to the reader, then the rest is going to come naturally. Rely on the fact that the search engines are good at what they do and make your site the best resource it can be for your specific niche.

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